Albert Dolmans
ASIN: B0151LN16C
Publisher: Albert Dolmans
Pages: 123

Painting is my Life is not only the story of Albert Dolmans’ varied life and travels, but the result of the pleasure he has taken in recording on canvas or paper what has struck him along the way. Its numerous color plates and drawings reveal his talent to capture the majestic and the mundane, while proving just how universal and timeless his art has remained, despite a changing world. A figurative artist, he shares with the reader his deep affinity with nature and his passion for his craft. Here you have a window onto the life of this Dutch-American artist, whose possibilities changed completely when, just a young boy he was up-rooted from his sleepy village in southern Holland, literally weeks before the Germans marched into it. With his mother and sisters, he crossed Europe by train to Genoa, Italy, to join the ship that would take them across the Atlantic to settle in Berkeley ...
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