C.Steven Manley
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 362

TWO WORLDS. ONE THREAT.Stranded on a far-flung world and nearly powerless, Erin Simms is settling into her new life among an alien race when her genetic legacy comes back to threaten her new found home in unexpected ways. Fearing the worst for her adopted home and family, she sets off on a quest into the unknown to eliminate the threat or die trying. Back on Earth, Israel Trent- assuming Erin to be dead -faces challenges on two fronts as micro-breaches to the Inner Dark open portals to other worlds with no rhyme or reason and the Council of the Veil seeks to sweep him up in their political machinations. When evidence arises that Erin might still be alive, Israel and the rest of the Sentry Group spring into action to try and discover the truth about their friend’s fate. What they find will change Israel- and possibly the world -forever. Equal parts Urban Fantasy, Superhero novel ...
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5 stars from 8 ratings
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