Kay Brody
ASIN: B015281FW6
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 115

Lexi & Evan are in love but their constant battling over Evan's development of the historic Biltmore Village that Lexi holds so dear is making it more & more difficult to connect. Neither wants to lose the other but giving up their dreams is not an option either. Can they figure out a way to make it work or will their future be torn apart by their inability to compromise?Find out in Preserving Love, Book 2 in "Nick & Lexi"!”Nick & Lexi” is a clean & wholesome romance series by Kay Brody, author of “The Carlisle Sisters”, "A Writer's Romance" and "Fighting For Ella". Learn more about Kay and all of her books at www.KayBrody.com. Sign up for her newsletter while you're there to receive updates on new releases, special discounts and her FREE "Romance Starter Library" consisting of 3 novellas & 3 short stories!
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