Mary Thibodeau
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 86

CLEANSE: Holistic Strategies For Reducing Your Body’s Chemical LoadWorried about your body’s toxic load? Are you looking for natural ways to detox?Do you feel it’s possible to protect your body from toxins and you want to learn how? Are you looking for ways to create health from the inside out?Start reducing your body’s toxic load today with this definitive guide to identifying chemical threats and strategically eliminating them from your life. The methods presented in this book provide you with numerous, easily implemented options for reducing your chemical exposure immediately. In my book you will find information about:Reducing your workplace toxicityMinimizing the toxins in your homeEnsuring your water is the purest availableReleasing toxic emotionsDetermining the most and least toxic foods…...and much, much more.Our bodies our literally inundated with toxic chemicals from all ...
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