Dan Myers
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 82

A Survival Story from the Holocaust – The Story of a Jewish Survivor☞ 3rd Edition ☜Special Bonus eBook InsideThis is a story told from the heart of a Jewish Survivor of the HolocaustIn Holocaust – A Jewish Survivor Testimony, you’ll meet Regina, a Polish woman who lived through the Holocaust during World War 2. She was only a young girl of 22 at the time that she was captured by German soldiers, and the events of her life since then, provide a picture of what it was like to experience the horror of the Holocaust first hand. You will find out about: -☞What is was like to Run for your Life☞Living in the Ghetto in Poland☞Experiencing a Concentration Camp ☞Being an unwilling subject for Medical Experiments☞How she Survived in the Death Camp☞The Chance of Life after the HolocaustThe Holocaust forever affected the Jewish community. It tore apart families and caused ...
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