Janie Noyes
ASIN: B0153AT02K
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 52

How to Draw Human Figures Ultimate guide on drawing people in easy-to-follow steps You’ve looked at sketches and life-like drawings on the internet and wanted to draw people. You went out and bought books on how to draw faces, facial expressions, and the body as a whole stationary and in motion. You’ve tried to follow the steps, and have gotten discouraged. No matter how you tried, it never worked out the way you wanted it. So, in frustration, you put aside the sketch pads and hidden the pencils. The books you purchased are now gathering dust because there was something missing in the instruction that still had you puzzled.Everyone wants to learn to draw, and some have resigned to the fact they simply can’t. If you are one of the latter, give this E-book a chance to show you how easy it can be to draw the human figure. The step-by-step process in this book will make it so you ...
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