J.D. Wallace
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 501

** Gold Medal Winner - Global eBooks (2016) **** Silver Falchion Award Finalist - Killer Nashville showcase (2016) **** Honorable Mention - Hollywood Book Festival (2016) **"For women readers, this is a romantic international spy novel; for men, it's an international spy novel with romance - all wrapped up in a true life historical thriller written with Dan Brown flare."First in the SILENT CATS series, JD Wallace's Deadly Dance spins the mind-bending, genre-blurring fictionalized true story based on the life of Kat, the youngest Kidon Katsa Assassin in the history of Mossad; and her husband, Pantera, the fabled Chief Black Site Interrogator, who worked under such special access programs as the Operation Copper Green (created under Donald Rumsfeld), the United Nations Security Council - Special Operations Group (UN-SOG), and Task Forces 88 and 121. Reaching back to 1989, Kat and Pantera ...
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