Soso McCall
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 71

I'm no writer, I have no editor, but what I do have is a story I feel I need to share. It's taken me a lifetime to open up about what I've survived at the hands of my father, his shooting death, and my life that followed.An average of 5 children a day are killed by the hands of their parents. I'm hoping that my book will raise awareness on the subject, and help anyone who was born to a parent without a conscience, or who's suffered loss, or abuse, or addiction, or the feeling of defeat. You are not alone. This book is about my life. Nothing is fabricated. I have witnesses to my accounts and a paper trail that leads to my front door as proof of these accounts. Some things were too painful to write about, but I've done the best I can do.I want to remain anonymous in this publishing. I'm finally finding a sense of peace, and I don't want that to change. For those who know me, please ...
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