Jeff Stanger
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 258

A dead ballplayer. A missing antique. And nobody wants the cops. They want Quick.Jonathan Quick is a savant when it comes to sports relics and a complete failure in relationships.  He has a moral code when it comes to antiques and a complete lack of one for anything else.Quick takes a call from a mysterious group of old ballplayers named the Fungo Society. They’re convinced that one of their own has been murdered and don’t believe the police who have ruled it a suicide.They insist he comes to Phoenix, that very evening. He accepts the job, not because he believes them, but because they plan to pay him well. However, he soon finds he’s competing against a vindictive real estate developer, Carl Byrne, and his nemesis in the auction trade, Valerie.Now Quick has to outwit Byrne while keeping Valerie off the scent of a priceless relic. And he has to keep the geriatric Fungo Society ...
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