Connie Almony
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 271

From the bestselling author of AT THE EDGE OF A DARK FOREST and ONE AMONG MEN ...A working-class church. A country club pastor. And the woman he betrayed. Sparks fly, danger lurks, and God redeems at the water's edge.Pastor Vince Steegle thought his destructive beginnings were ancient history, but the ramifications of his prior life just walked in the door of his church. Should he ignore the woman who’s expression says she hasn’t forgotten his decadent past? Or … should he hire her to design the church’s new special needs program instead? Either way, it seems, their paths will cross in a deadly tangle.After the death of her much-beloved husband, Cassandra Whitaker is grasping to maintain security for her two children. One, a teen teetering on the cusp of womanhood. The other a sweetly gifted boy struggling with autism. But though her former husband's family is dripping in ...
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