Raman Veerappan
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 43

Freshman year is awesome. You get to meet cool, new people; party harder than you ever have before; expand you mind in incredible ways; and enjoy freedom from your loving, but controlling parents. There's only one problem: the Freshman 15. Every year, thousands of students head off to college. Many of these individuals enter there freshman year the epitome of health. They played varsity sports, cruised through high school with low stress and high amounts of sleep, and enjoyed the benefits of healthy, home-cooked food every day. But all that changes when they get to college.Students stop playing sports because they no longer need it on their resumes. Suddenly, there's no time for exercise. Classes are way more difficult and time-consuming. Sleep levels plunge as stress levels skyrocket. The emotional and mental load of college begins to take its toll.So students naturally turn to their ...
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