Shea Oliver
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 267

Condemned. Judged. Sentenced. Can you forgive yourself for your past, or are you forever damned? Sent to Earth to kill, Ka must define who he really is.*** PRAISE FOR THE BETRAYAL OF KA ***“Like a Sci-Fi Game of Thrones”“The Betrayal of Ka took me back to when Sci-Fi was darker and more intense.”“This book is GRITTY. It will kick your butt.”“A Superb Sci-Fi Thriller… and a warning that once you start this book, you won’t want to put it down.”“Betrayal of Ka is Sci-Fi at its best.”***As the spaceship secretly lands on Earth, Ka’s mission is clear: find and kill Transprophetics. His shipmates think of him as a killer. On his home planet of Koranth, he is considered a murderer. Haunted in his dreams by the boy whose life he stole, Ka struggles to define who he really is.A girl in a temple in Thailand. A boy kidnapped in Mexico. Both can do the impossible. Both can ...
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