Naresh Vissa
Publisher: Krish Publishing
Pages: 269

The Internet has become a necessity to conduct business. Billions of people around the world are now more connected than ever before.Whether you’re an operating business or a college or job applicant, decision-makers need to know about you... what you offer... why you're awesome. Traditional marketing no longer cuts it today. Fifty Shades Of Marketing lays out specific ideas, step-by-step techniques, and beneficial resources to remove the chains holding you back from success in a digital age.Chapter topics include:- The New PR- How Millennial Marketing Will Get You Gen Y Customers- How To Create Beneficial Facebook Marketing Campaigns- 3 Ways To Make Money Off Craigslist- How To Be Discovered On LinkedIn- How To Publish A Book- How Affiliate Marketing Can Generate Revenue Rapidly With Very Little Work - How Advertising On Porn Sites Can Grow Your Business Cost-EffectivelyAnd much ...
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