Dan Jackson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 24

Containing creative illustrations and endless imagination, this book will entertain your child and you.This is Sally. She is twelve years old and loves to read. Sally lives in a small town called Durham in North Carolina, and she visits the library almost two times a week. People say Sally is addicted to reading.When Sally goes to the library, she takes Milkshake, her cat. Milkshake likes to sit on the tall stool in the library and watch Sally while she is looking for a good book to read.Sally believes that Milkshake understands her completely, even if he can't talk to her.It was Monday morning, and Sally did not have to go to school since it was a holiday. What she didn't know is that this day was going to be special. Book #1 in the Series Scroll Up and Grab your Copy today
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