Charles L Gaby
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 141

"Loose Stools" is a satirical journal of one elderly former automobile mechanic and his adjustments to the natural (and sometimes unnatural) changes that take place as the mind and body start to go. It is a humorous look at his trials as he progresses from a lakeside home to a senior living home, and finally a nursing home. His adventures are mostly second hand stories relayed to the author by his caregiver who was often frustrated and in need of an adult with whom she could vent following another visit with "Pops". What she saw as a difficulty I saw as an opportunity for another humorous story...with just a little tweaking.If you are a caregiver longing for some understanding, this book of short stories may be just the uplift you are looking for. There are many stories about "Pops" that have a humorous twist, but they also tell a story of which many of us can relate. There is nothing ...
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