D.M. Draper
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 421

Retired biker, Marshal Bailey, was looking for redemption from a self-ruined past. After serving a prison sentence, he found his calling as a children’s entertainer. As a birthday clown, he enjoyed moderate success and was slowly piecing his life together, until a zombie outbreak struck the city. After getting bit by a girl at a coffee shop, and disfigured in a horrible motorcycle accident, he awakes to discover that not only is he dead, he has somehow retained the ability to think. A doctor informs him that he may hold the antidote for the undead epidemic. While trying to escape the city being contained by a mysterious militant force, he rescues a girl that reminds him of his long deceased daughter. Joining ranks with a loose-knit group of survivors from conflicting social and ideological backgrounds — including a psychic, a conspiracy theorist, and a few prostitutes— he must ...
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