Kathleen Ball
Publisher: Lasso Springs Publishing
Pages: 196

He’s a rancher no woman wants. She’s having a baby all alone. Can two stubborn country souls find each other? Jonas Barnes trusts horses more than people. The Army vet knows his rescue animals won’t shy away from his damaged leg. So when the new restaurant owner in town cancels his cattle order, he assumes the worst about her until he finally meets someone who doesn’t even flinch… Autumn Lavin wants to create a new life for her unborn baby. But starting a vegetarian restaurant in cattle country hasn’t led to much companionship. So when a rugged cowboy challenges her stance on cuisine, her tough exterior contradicts her leaping heart. As they attempt to overcome their pasts of pain, the rancher and the soon-to-be mother slowly but surely open up. Can Jonas and Autumn find something more, or will love ride down a different trail? Autumn's Hope is a standalone novel in the Cowboy Seasons ...
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4.5 stars from 49 ratings
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