Stuart Carapola
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 56

In theory, wrestling championships are meant to be treated like a special prize that a wrestler can only win if they stand out from the pack in some way. Whether it's a connection with (or heat with) the fans, drawing power, or some other intangible, getting a title usually means the promoter sees something in you that they think will be good for business. Unfortunately, sometimes those promoters turn out to be wrong...very wrong.There have been many instances in which the best laid plans of promoters have blown up in their faces due to a miscalculated title change. This book explores some of the most infamously bad champions in history, and whether it was due to backstage politics, bad storytelling, or the wrestlers themselves just sucking way worse than anyone realized, this book will leave you wondering what the promoters who handed these people titles were smoking.Also included ...
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