Ambria Davis
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 185

Keyon, or "Keys", as she’s better known, has been through more than enough drama in her young life. Keyon tries to put as much distance between her and the past in Louisiana, taking the opportunity to move to Memphis, along longtime boyfriend, Casimere. After adjusting to their new home, Keyon finally gets the life that she deserves, or does she? Has she truly left behind all of the things that caused her pain? Casimere, or “Cash”, as everyone calls him, has finally broken out. After taking a liking to his new found job, being a thug in the streets, he starts to relapse. Promising to leave his past behind, he soon finds out that old habits are hard to break. What Cash doesn’t know is that his well-buried secret, is about to reveal itself in a shocking manner. Keys and Cash must both come to terms with the consequence of his actions. Will Keys forgive him? Will this be the ...
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