Elizabeth McGlone
ASIN: B015NW159O
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 315

Heartache is nothing new for Keenan Murphy. Abandoned by his father and raised by cruel grandparents in Ireland, he’d grown up accustomed to doing anything in order to survive. A journey to America offered him the opportunity to start a new life. But what eighteen years of starvation and abuse could not prepare him for was falling passionately in love. Enchanted by the kindness of a beautiful stranger, he steals a kiss and loses his heart, only to discover that the girl he just met is his half-sister, Gwendolyn. Gwen Murphy has never lacked suitors, but until she met Keenan, no one ever touched her heart. Determined to deny her scandalous feelings and make a respectable match, Gwen prepares to marry, only to be brutalized in a savage attack that leaves her near death and places their family in terrible danger. Forced to flee Boston for the Kentucky territory, Keenan and Gwen are left ...
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