Ayn Lucky
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Pages: 25

The war of the sexes is over and the women won it. War, crimes of violence, and patriarchal oppression have all been eliminated, transforming the world into the ultimate safe space. Planned Sisterhood's gender selection clinics have rid Gaia of men, but Mars is threatening the new utopia."This is a cease and desist demand letter. You are hereby directed to..." -[NAME REDACTED], Esquire"...Godzilla roars as bullets bounced off its chest." -Ann, a Hugo Award winner"This is so funny!" -A friend of mine who wants to borrow some money from meThe cast of characters:Victoria Virago: 57 Star AdmiralMinnie Yun: Second-in-Command Scotti: I'm my own GrandpawGramps: Locked in the cellarAinsley: Autotuned headline newsAthena: Spaceship or woman?Godzilla: Protector of Gaia
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