Rose Jenster
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 155

Note: Samuel's Insight is now released and available at a discount.Charlotte grew up in New York and was always been fascinated by the penny novels about the wild west. She sacrificed a great deal for her family after her father's death and wanted to take a chance to find love out west before it was too late. Charlotte wrote her former teacher for advice since she herself moved to Montana after answering a mail order bride advertisement. Leah played matchmaker, but the initial letters between Charlotte and Frank were quite intense due to Frank's critical side. He is the owner of the Billings, Montana newspaper and they have a similar love for writing. Charlotte has a secret identity in Albany and this gets explored in the novella.Charlotte had strong doubts about his character due to Frank's biting and cutting remarks about her brother. But, she takes a chance and moves out west. Can ...
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