Robert Campbell
ASIN: B015T56Q4E
Publisher: Ayeshire Publishing
Pages: 171

***Edgar Award Winning Author*** When it comes to Chicago politics, Jimmy Flannery knows where the bodies are buried. Sleuthing has definitely become part of Flannery’s job, and he does it with the same tough-nosed, hard-fisted elan that he exhibits in his battles with machine-made bureaucrats down at City Hall. Now, someone is thinning the “turkey herd” – that’s modeling talk for the hundreds of pretty girls who come to Chicago every year looking to be “discovered.” Most end up quitting or going back home. But this year it looks as if somebody’s thinning the herd the hard way---by KILLING the prettiest young women in Chicago. This is more than enough to get Jimmy Flannery’s attention.After one drop-dead gorgeous blond is suddenly missing, Flannery starts walking Chicago’s meanest streets to find her. Tragically, all he finds is her body. When a powerful political ...
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