Craig Halloran
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 230

Scorched ...The bizarre eternal being, Scorch, rears his mischievous head, placing Venir and Melegal at odds in a series of fights that are life or death. Fogle, Brak and Jubilee find themselves way off the rendezvous point with Venir and Kam only to wind up in a camp full of thugs and thieves. Brak faces off against an old enemy, the ogre that broke his back, Gondoon Stoneskin. Led by Boon, Billip, Georgio, Lefty and Nikkel, fight alongside the Jung and the Striders, only to suffer heavy loses at the hands of the underlings. As the underlings continue to flood the above ground cities, Master Sidebor, at odds with his son, Master Sinway, finds an unlikely ally in a magnificent underling woman called Elypsa. Will blood be split?Skulls crushed?Guts jangled?What do you think?
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