Ann Purser
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 282

In the sleepy village of Round Ringford, trouble is brewing.Peggy Palmer, who works in the Post Office Stores, sees upheaval in her life as her new marriage is threatened.Fighting jealousy and suspicion, she battles with herself as well as her husband’s ex-wife. She is starting to question why she ever came to Round Ringford when a new turmoil threatens the entire village. An attractive young woman called Sarah Drinkwater is employed in the village school. Her new, modern ideas don't meet with much approval amongst the traditionalists who are deeply saddened by the resignation of their beloved headteacher. Yet when the school is threatened with closure, Sarah’s battle to save it wins her more supporters than she expected. A mysterious and lurking reporter seeks out the village gossip and uncovers a shocking story. Evil-tongued Ivy Beasley, whose dreams and schemes have a powerful ...
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