Anne Makela
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 46

If you are getting a new puppy, this book is for you!Packed with essential information, Starting Out Right With Your New Puppy will not only guide you through the process of preparing yourself, your family and your home for your pup's arrival, this book will provide you with reliable and useful tips about the care and particular needs of a new puppy during the important first days home as well. You will also gain unique insights on what a puppy goes through while he or she learns to adjust to a new family environment. It is a perspective that will touch your heart and inspire you to make the most of the first days that you spend with your new puppy.It is important to gain an understanding of what your new puppy will experience, and in Starting Out Right With Your New Puppy you will find excellent recommendations for how to make the tender transition process go as smoothly as ...
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