K J Glasgow
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 50

Why do some people believe the "quantity of words" in a book is so essential? Well, believe me, after reading thousands of books, large and small, it just isn't true. Its not the "quantity of words" that matter, its the "quality of content." Continuing that thought, K J Glasgow introduces readers to his "9 Step Process To Jump-Start Your Search For A New Home" by compressing volumes of valuable information into just 12,000 words to assist you in buying a new home. Glasgow explains his "9 Step Process" in a straight forward and easy to understand manner including "Financial" requirements, "Contract" concerns, important questions about a "Neighborhood," what actually takes place at "Closing," questions about the "Search," and gives great suggestions for "Moving Day." He even includes information regarding renting and owning property. He completes this paragon with over 120 questions and ...
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