Dianne Harman
ASIN: B015YGB986
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 143

Could you commit murder to complete an antique set? Looks like someone did!Marty's a recently divorced antique and art appraiser who moves from the Midwest to live with her sister in High Desert, California, just outside of Palm Springs. Since their early childhood days, her sister has always possessed unexplained psychic abilities that often enable her to predict future events.An antique appraisal in the home of a recently murdered woman puts Marty at the center of a search for the killer. Who did it? The woman’s son? The well-known collector of antique Meissen china? A professional art and antique thief? The owner of Mai Tai Mama’s Restaurant? And just what part did the collection of Meissen china Monkey Band figurines play in the murder? Detective Jeff Combs is just as determined to develop a relationship with Marty and her dog Duke as he is to solve the crime. Will the psychic ...
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4.5 stars from 154 ratings
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