Rami Elkhatib
Publisher: Rami Mohen Elkhatib
Pages: 396

A cosmic and ecological disturbance has long taken hold of the planet. The conditions are blatantly evident to Giuseppe Telle Dioran, a traveler unlike those around him. Transported to another place and time, this solitary miscreant works to understand the world and thrive in it. As he discovers the beneficence of his surroundings, Giuseppe attempts to find a sense of belonging and stability.
Meanwhile, a surreptitious pandemic is also reaching its peak.
Giuseppe and other marvels of the contemporary epoch are coincidentally rallied together by a mysterious spirit. The group that forms is a part of a daftly orchestrated solution, though their purpose remains obscure. One of them is a strong-willed peacekeeper, Perishal, who struggles with her own recipe of pathos and ambition.
On the other side of the equation, the daunting captain of theMerschents, Arthre Motora Ghandi ...
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