MC Bob
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 56

DON'T LOOK AWAY!!!I got your attention didn't I?Anyways, hey everyone, my name is Minecraft Bob and this is the first entry to my diary.From now on, I've decided to log my daily adventures into a journal so that one day I can look back on it and reminisce on the good old times. I also would really like to share my stories with others - (ahem...whoever is reading this description).This diary will be like none other that you have read - I'm a pretty wild person. Sometimes I do erratic things. But one thing I can assure you: You won't be bored!My first diary entry is about a time when I was hauled to prison out of the blue. The experience was a dramatic life changer for me. One day I was living the average everyday life, but suddenly I found myself in a maximum security prison. The circumstance was not ordinary - I did not know why I ended up in prison, and worst of all there was this ...
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