Gay N. Lewis
Publisher: Prism Book Group
Pages: 18

Sarah is thrilled beyond words when she receives an assignment to return to Central Texas—the birth place of the first mission of love. On this trip, she is to find a companion for Tom’s mother, Allison. Will sweet Allison survive Sarah’s attempts at matchmaking? Can a widowed pastor’s wife find happiness again? Even though she’s more experienced now, Sarah continues to cause mishaps—and this time they aren’t all by accident! Allison is in for a ride of a lifetime.* Sarah Does it Again is a short story from the Sarah series by Gay N. Lewis. If this glimpse into Sarah’s antics makes you smile, please consider looking up her full-length novellas, as listed: Sarah: A Mission of Love, Sarah: Laney’s Angel, Sarah and the Widow’s Mate, and Sarah and a Midnight Cruise to Catalina Island, plus multiples novellas. All guaranteed to bring a chuckle and lighten your heart!
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