Tish Davis
ASIN: B01673RL32
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Pages: 151

Lily would rather marry a stranger than be forced to marry Edgar Carrington, a cruel ruthless man that fooled everyone but her. She prays God will help her escape and His answer comes in the form of a mail order bride ad. It takes careful planning, but Lily escapes Edgar and travels to Colorado, leaving her life behind – or so she hopes.Lee Anders is smitten by his new wife. She’s strong yet kindhearted and beautiful. Yet he knows she keeps many secrets. How can they build a life together with so many shadows haunting them from her past? Will his love be enough to keep her in this wild and sometimes uncivilized place, or will she return to the comforts she left behind?Books in the Christian Brides Historical Series:The Missing BrideThe Unlikely BrideThe Bartered BrideThe Defiant Bride
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