Terry Atkinson
Publisher: Terry Atkinson from South Africa
Pages: 11

FREE audio book inside. A peaceful read. Love and Romance next to the beautiful, sparkling river. Jessica contemplates relationships, love and life beside her river out in the countryside. How can she hold onto love and stop it from flowing away like the ever-flowing water in the river? Is there a way to keep her love alive and achieve her dreams of love and building a strong, trusting relationship in the future? Do the secrets lie in the flowing waters of the river? Or in the Egyptian geese lovingly caressing? Will Jessica work out where her heart lies and how to keep love in her life?This is a fiction book about romance, with self help on dating and romance woven into the story. Old fashioned romance can be achieved even in our modern world. Reviewers have said:"A story that brought my life together.""A heartfelt. inspiring, warm, romantic read.""It's like going to your 'happy place ...
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4.5 stars from 44 ratings
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