Misty Griffin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 193

1877-Kalona Iowa-Now bound by the newly instated Ordinance letter ( Ordnung) Amish bishops are mandated to shun those who disobey any of it's many rulesTwenty one year old Hannah Troyer is saddened when her best friend is shunned for making a disapproved article of clothing and is banned from attending her wedding. After the wedding Hannah continues to question this seemingly harsh discipline but knows better than to oppose the church rule. In the fall of 1888 a newly married Hannah finds herself in an Amish community on the untamed Kansas prairie. A band of Cheyenne Indians have just escaped the Oklahoma reservation and they are headed north. Hannah and her little brother are kidnapped during what would later become known as the Cheyenne Raid. When all hope seems lost an unlikely heroine helps them escape..... Based on the history of the Cheyenne Raid and the Amish church in the mid ...
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