Robert Campbell
ASIN: B0169K56YE
Publisher: Ayeshire Publishing
Pages: 208

Ignatius, Father Mulrooney's cat, has been found dead in the church and buried by the aging priest in the graveyard. Dead cats tell no tales, but the howls of Ignatius--according to the good father--startle him from a deep sleep the next night and send him to the church to investigate. On the sanctuary floor is a pentagon painted in blood and signs of a Black Mass. But all traces of the Satan worship vanish by the time he brings his housekeeper, Mrs. Thrimble, to witness the sacrilege. Can't Jimmy, with his growing reputation for investigation, take a look-see?Matters of cats meowing from beyond the grave and old boneyards aside, Flannery doesn't consider either problem a matter of life and death...until he stumbles upon a corpse. That makes it murder. Someone has killed poor old Father Mulrooney, and Flannery suspects the motive lies in the world of the living , where passions run deep ...
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