Rebecca Schlaeger
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 84

Kate Nettles, age 12, feels different. And it all started on the very first day of Kindergarten. She didn’t fit in like her older sister Jenna. She was known as the cry baby. And from there the bullying had begun. Life for Kate has been hard and requires a focused day-to-day, well-planned survival routine. It would still be tough if she just had to deal with “school,” but her older sister, unfortunately, is one of the bullies. Kate confides in her journal, which she has named "Frank," and tries to accept that life will never get any better....until one day, two kids enter the school and change the dynamics. Is there a chance things can turn around for Kate? Will she end up feeling better about school? It's time to find out and read Kate Nettles.
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