David Sarachman
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 364

Before: Centuries ago, the heavens exploded and rained destruction down upon the world of Palar; hurling the Gods from their thrones and shattering their kingdoms. Like meteors the Gods fell, and their heavens fell with them. The world of Palar died that day, but humanity survived. Each survivor, first in the hundreds, and then in the thousands found themselves drawn to the city of Horizon.Horizon was a city unlike any other before it; built from the ruins of the heavens and the hells that fell from the sky that night. Humanity found shelter there, but they also found hope. They also found their gods waiting for them.Now:Kel Lothless is a sorcerer for hire; he’s also a part time troubleshooter with a well know dislike for the gods that run Horizon. When a group of priests, called the Maskers try to hire him, he discovers a secret that changes everything he knows about the city of ...
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