Eddie Rickenbacker
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Pages: 375

“a larger-than-life figure” --NEW YORK TIMES“the right stuff” – NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC.COM“the epic dream” – CHICAGO TRIBUNE“the legend of his invincibility” – TIME MAGAZINEFIGHTER PILOT by Eddie Rickenbacker (1890-1973) is one of the great war memoirs of all time, and a classic national bestseller. Rickenbacker was America's top fighter ace in the First World War, and earned the Congressional Medal of Honor.His combat memoir literally places the reader in the cockpit of his fighter plane, behind twin machine-guns and roaring propeller blades. The wind whips across our faces, and enemy planes are all around. The main text was originally written only months after the war, under the title “Fighting the Flying Circus,” a reference to the infamous squadron of the German Baron von Richthofen, aka the Red Baron.Boston Hill Press now enlarges, explains, illustrates ...
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