Alaric Longward
Publisher: Hardhill Productions
Pages: 402

It is 1789, and France is marching towards the revolution.For Jeanette, a poor girl who must save her family from a demonic relative, safety can only be found with the revolutionaries. However, when you discover the secrets of the leaders of those revolutionaries, not even her powerful patron Georges Danton can help her for long. Men like Danton are not destined to survive in the turmoil of times, and a wicked relative they thought dead is again on their tail. There are truly few places left to hide in in France.But there is, perhaps, one.The bedraggled, hard-fighting revolutionary army.Joining the soon to be famous Army of Italy, Jeanette finally finds allies who appreciate her skills in procuring supplies, and her ferocity in a fight, and together they challenge those in Paris, who would keep their secrets buried forever.Will Jeanette and her new allies survive the devious ...
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