Alaric Longward
Publisher: Hardhill Productions
Pages: 540

Goddess Hel, thousands of years ago, set her hordes to conquer the Nine Worlds of Odin. She did it to pay back for insults, for her cruel fate, and to regain her stolen Eye.She failed to take the Nine Worlds, but the worlds were shut off from each other, and from the gods. Now, thousands of years after the war, an evil creature has found a way to regain the still lost Eye, and possibly, a way to take the Nine Worlds, one by one. The fates of the Nine Worlds and the gods themselves hang in balance, and on the shoulders of a very special party of enslaved humans. Harnessing their unusual powers, coaching them to be weapons, and more, the monster has finally found the unique, special human amongst the party, the one she has sought for thousands of years. Her name is Shannon.Shannon can change the fate of Aldheim, the elven world of god Freyr, and the ancient monster demands Shannon serve ...
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