Nancy Morgan Reed
ASIN: B016J12WK4
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 52

The Butte Fire broke out on September 9, 2015, and in a matter of a day, burned more than 70,000 acres of wild lands and homesteads in Central California foot hills of the Sierra Nevadas. Hundreds of homes were lost. along with several lives. the fire burned so fast and hot, that few had any warning at all to evacuate. N. M. Reed, author and horse trainer, lives in the very middle. On a dead end road in the wilderness. With few minutes to spare, she hitched and loaded the 2-horse trailer with her treasured mares, and a few belongings, and she and her husband escaped barely with their lives. The next week was spent trying to locate the other horses and animals left behind in the fire. Told as a narrative as the event unfolded, the story is engaging, a little terrifying, and one everyone living with horses in the wilderness should read till the very end.
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