Diane Queenston
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 66

Ellie Bennet has never felt entirely at home anywhere. Raised in the foster system, she has never known a true family life. Her job is unsatisfying and pays very little, and she’s expected to put up with all manner of insult for the sake of keeping it. She has only ever felt at home in the pages of her books, most particularly her favorite, Pride and Prejudice.After Ellie refuses to put up with unwanted advances from one of her clients, she loses her job and is forced to sell her beloved books to get by. A sympathetic bookseller listens to Ellie’s story and gives her a talisman, a book that is not just figuratively a portal to another world, but literally so. It transports Ellie back to Regency England, a trip which is eye-opening and illusion-shattering. She is completely unprepared for this new world and fares badly until she’s taken under the wing of the handsome Duke of ...
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