Diane Queenston
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 54

Hester is a woman who has accepted an offer of marriage from a rancher in a place called Clearwater Springs. Colorado. It’s 1875 and Hester’s relocating from Denver where she worked as a saloon girl at a beer hall. Hester doesn’t want her future husband to know about her former profession, so she’s told him she worked as a seamstress. Jasper is a rancher on the way to meet his future bride at a train station. He’s owned his ranch for years, but everyone thinks he’s crazy because he barely earns a living from it. Most of the water on the land is supplied by sulphur springs and can’t be used for anything. However, Jasper knows something few other of the local people do about the future. The springs on his land may turn out to bring him more money than anyone could conceive.Hester and Jasper are married at the train station. He takes her home to his ranch house. But he ...
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