Diane Queenston
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 71

The oldest daughter of a frontier family in great need of funds, Grace Aldridge reluctantly agrees to become a mail order bride for a Texas cowboy who has just settled his first piece of land. The proud Grace, however, insists that the arrangement take the form of a business transaction--and nothing more. She’ll do nothing more than help tend the lands of the man who has requested her presence on his farm.Newly settled at his dream home on a sprawling Texas ranch, handsome cowboy Dirk Cole is ready to settle down with a good woman and start a family. His mail order bride Grace Aldridge proves to be a firecracker who insists on asserting her independence; and once he gets to know this strong brilliant woman, he’d have her no other way. Yet can the charming Dirk show Grace the many joys of courtship and married life?*** Bonus story at end of book "Second Chance For Happiness" Warning! ...
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