Andy Maslen
Publisher: Tyton Press
Pages: 367

Who is Gabriel Wolfe?Gabriel Wolfe left the SAS with a Military Cross and PTSD caused by the horrific death of a comrade in his final mission. He vowed never to kill again. But people in the security services have other plans for Wolfe. Now he must face his demons once more while trying to prevent a political coup.The mission means going undercover. He's working for a blond billionaire called Sir Toby Maitland. Maitland thinks democracy is for other people and heavy weaponry is a fine way to win an argument.Skinheads, Hell's Angels, Arms Dealers: it's all in a day's workThe story in this fast-moving thriller moves from the English countryside to London, Chicago and upstate Michigan. And the action gets kinetic as Gabriel draws on his martial arts training and skill with blades and firearms to battle his enemies.Read the book that's been downloaded over 30,000 times.Reacher fans are ...
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