Milton Lyles
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 207

"A gripping account by a master teller of tales, as he discovers the soul of his home town." Hugh WireThere are in every society, in virtually every family, secrets so toxic that they cannot be exposed. Buddy Ryan lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana. It is that bleak period between World War I and World War II. The secrets he must unravel to determine who killed Jack Spivey, and why, are wrapped in the enigma of a South where land, timber, chemicals, and oil fortunes are being made at the cost of unmitigated human suffering. Buddy resides on a single little street that manifests all the flaws of a social and political system built on lies. Sheriff Gilbow Brown trades the power of his office for political, financial, and sexual favors. Poley Breaux, Jack’s best friend and the keeper of his secret, is equal to Gilbow Brown’s level of violence, but bound by a code of honor that denies him ...
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