John Robinson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 80

From hospital to freedom, who would have ever thought that thingscould be this good? Now he had friends, a part-time voluntary job,a yellow belt and the degree was on the way.He was good at chess. So good in fact that he could lose to children. Which is a skillI don't think even Magnus Carlson (the present world champion), or Gary Kasparov(our champion from the 80s and 90s), possessed.So now what? Finish the degree, and then? Well he needed to slow down. And for along time the writing was on the cards. With the notable exception of Facebook andGoogle business, he had been banned from every website known to man.Also he found that when he started drinking it was difficult to give up. The same as forcigarettes, he's beat both of them now, but he won't pretend it was easy, and some peoplefall in to this trap, never to escape! Let's hope this isn't you?
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