Colby Williams
ASIN: B016Z8QD88
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 246

Echo Vulpterus was born as the heir to one of the noble houses of the Realm, but has never had a taste for the mantle of expectations that come with his title. Though as the king and his counsel pass decree after decree that displease not only the people of the Realm, but those of the noble houses, he is prompted to use his power of privilege to defend the rights of his people. Desires and obligations continue to clash as he falls in love with a nobleman who is also the only heir to his house, as even more complications arise and it begins to seem impossible that the two of them can ever be together. Their affair also seems to awaken some dormant magical power within Echo, that even the other sorcerers around him do not understand. Peace is threatened as those in power hunger for more, and those with the ability to make change prefer to squabble over their differences. Webs crafted by ...
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