Henry Vogel
ASIN: B017081LFC
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 270

After Terran Scout David Rice pledges his life and sword to Princess Callan and Aashla, his adopted home world, he believes he'll never see another Terran again. Then, weapons fire lights the night sky as a starship tries to blast its way through Aashla's deadly planetary ring. When the attempt fails, David and Callan rush to the crash site—but they aren’t the only ones who witnessed the disaster. At the crash site, they find their bitter rival and Callan’s former fiancé, Prince Rupor, already on the scene...On a world of swords and steam-powered airships, even a wrecked starship can overthrow the balance of power!Can Rupor and our heroes put aside their animosity long enough to rescue the spaceship’s crew? Pick up a copy of Scout’s Duty and learn the answer!
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4.5 stars from 18 ratings
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