D.M. Mortier
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 312

His First, Unexpected LoveSeth Harjo is the star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, and he loves women! Black, white, Hispanic, and Asian. Are all given equal access to the star quarterback’s bed. No matter their size, shape or color, he enjoys them all indiscriminately. At least that’s what he used to say before his heart is irrevocably crushed by Jasmine Blackman. He meets her while playing touch football with her brothers and accidently tackles her to the ground. The instant his eyes collides with hers, it is love at first sight. ˃˃˃ He Would Do Anything To Be With Her, But Sometimes That Isn’t EnoughShe has four massive brothers who adamantly oppose his amorous pursuit. But nothing except death could keep him away from her. For months he is the happiest man in the world. He finally has the woman of his dreams, someone who loves him as much as he loves her. But sometimes ...
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